Revision Policy

In ensuring that we provide satisfaction to our customers, we have adopted a revision policy that allows you to request unlimited revisions. The revision policy is not applicable to the new requirements that did not exist when you placed an order. In case new requirements have been introduced as part of the revision, this will attract additional charges. Our customer care will be readily available to calculate the extra charges resulting from new requirements. Please feel free to contact our customer care in case you have additional fresh requirements.

To request a revision for your order, please click Request Revision link on your order page. When your order is delivered, you must approve or ask for a revision within 14 days. However, failure to approve your order or request for a revision within this time, your order will be automatically approved by our system. If you request for a revision after this time, your order will be treated as new, and you will be required to place your order afresh.


Confidentiality & Authenticity Guaranteed

Original and authentic custom writing is our prose. We do not reuse custom documents and do not share the personal details of our customers.




Sucess Rate