Money Back Guarantee

Our fundamental goal is to provides satisfaction to our customers in all our academic disciplines. Most of our customers are always happy about the quality of work that we do provide. is still keen on adhering to your paper's requirements to give satisfaction to our customers. Most companies proving academic writing services cannot be trusted when it comes to Money Back Guarantee Policy. Our policy is concise and transparent to enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of our customers. Our policy provides the conditions that must be met before issuing a refund to our customers.

Before Order is Approved

For the company to issue a 100% refund to customers, the following conditions must be met:

  1. A customer has placed an order by mistake and wants to cancel it before a writer has started working on it.
  2. An appropriate writer to work on your paper cannot be found.
  3. The customer made double payments erroneously.
  4. The order has not been delivered to the customer before the stipulated deadline, and the customer no longer needs the order. In this case, the customer is not required to use a paper for any purpose. In such cases, customers are issued with a full refund, but if the customer uses the paper by any means, a full refund cannot be issued. If an order is canceled when a writer has already started working on it, a partial refund is issued. 

After the order has been Approved

Customers are expected to approve their orders with a span of 14 days, failure to which it will be approved by the system automatically. Customers can ask for an unlimited number of revisions. However, once customers click on the approve button, it will be deemed that they have seen, read, and are satisfied with the paper's content. Once customers approve their papers, they cannot be refunded; hence, no further complaints. Nevertheless, they have an additional seven days to ask for a revision.

It is worth noting that once a client receives a 100% refund, such a client has no right to use the paper, and the author or the company can use such paper anyhow. Additionally, such papers are published to our websites, meaning that when checked via anti-plagiarism software, they will return 100$ plagiarized.


Confidentiality & Authenticity Guaranteed

Original and authentic custom writing is our prose. We do not reuse custom documents and do not share the personal details of our customers.




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